Realize What’s Next

Bring the big picture and all the details into clear focus, so you can discover hidden opportunities, reimagine customer experiences and unlock business value faster.

Will you survive or
will you thrive?

In the digital economy, companies are under increasing pressure to meet new customer demands. Successful transformation requires more than technology integration, it requires integration of siloed approaches.

Growth depends on it.

Ready. Set. Go.

Regardless of where we enter an engagement—product, marketing or sales—the starting line is always the same. Key stakeholder alignment. We enable paths to revenue by uniting key stakeholders around customer needs to create a shared vision of success.

The Vivid Success Model™ sets the strategic direction for revenue growth with a clear path to assessment, ongoing learning, and adaptability while keeping cross-discipline teams in sync.


Optimizing product experiences. Delivering products and services that are more valuable and appealing to existing and new customers.


Creating successful engagement. Improving customer experiences holistically to improve acquisition, retention and customer lifetime value.


Delivering profitable revenue growth. Supporting sales motions that create more seamless experiences and improve deal quality and revenue velocity.

Rewarding work. Renowned clients.

We’re a small, nimble group working with some of the world’s most recognized and respected brands. We have team members all over the globe and our core team works out of Boulder, Colorado.

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“I consider Vivid an integral extension of my team. The professionalism and talent that exists within the team is unmatched and something that will help us as we continue to grow and realize the full potential of the Diem project. I'd go to battle with Vivid by my side any day.”

Dante Disparte, Executive Vice President at Diem Association

Let’s get started.

It’s great when we help a client maintain their success. It’s even better when we help them get ahead. Wherever you may be on the transformation curve, Vivid can create and fulfill your blueprint for success.